Sunday, June 22, 2008

Almost a month ago!

Mommy has been too busy to update this blog much since we got back to the east coast. She promised to do it tonight while I'm sleeping. I told her not to say much, except tell everyone what a very good boy I was the whole drive home.

Oh and to tell you she let me eat a very ripe peach all by myself, like a big boy, on our last day in Vegas. Golly that was yummy!

Here are some pictures from our trip.

This was our apartment there. You can see our balcony on the third floor. Gosh I miss throwing all of my toys down off that balcony! Now I only get to throw everything down nanna's stairs. Mommy said she doesn't miss the stairs though! Especially carrying me, groceries, and sometimes a stroller. You can see our car loaded up with the bag on the roof in the lower right. The bag worked pretty well, except during the thunderstorms because the water ran right in the straps and dripped on me and mommy and in daddy's car seat.

Here I am, obviously thrilled to be on the road.

This was some cool scenerey stuff in Utah. Mommy says so, anyway. I slept through most of it.

That thing on the bottom? On the road? That's a tour bus. The highway wound between steep rocks...

I also slept through Vail Colorado.

In Missouri I read a book. Mommy told me to look out the window at all the cows.

Mostly I just read my book.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend driving from Las Vegas to New Hampshire in 3 days with an 18 month old. I am living proof it can be done, without too many tears too! But we'd recommend some other method of travel.

We'll update again soon!