Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mommy thinks I have Roseola!

In case you didn't read mommy's blog, we went to the hospital on Saturday because i had a fever of 104.5. Let me tell you, it was terrible. First they weighed me - I weigh 23 lbs and 1.7 oz! and took my temperature. It was 102.6 even though I had just had tylenol about an hour before. They gave me some motrin right away.
Then they came with this big machine to take pictures of my belly. I HATED it. First they made mommy stand out behind the machine, and this stranger held my arms up in the sky. I cried and cried. They had to take two pictures, one from the front and one from the back.
Then someone came and drew my blood. I didn't cry much, but it wasn't fun. Then a nice curly haired woman came to look at my throat, ears and mouth, and put her cold round thing on my belly and chest. She told mommy everything looked good, so we needed to get a urine sample and do an IV for dehydration.
Of course after all that ruckus, I fell asleep nursing and mommy did too, and all the sudden it was 2.5 hours later and no nurses had come to check on us! Mommy saw the nice curly haired doctor in the hall, and asked her if we could have some juice, since I had asked for some. She said she would find our nurse. I guess it was hard to find her, since we didn't have one!
Then the people with the big machine (mommy called it an x-ray machine) showed back up! I cried as soon as I saw them. They told mommy they had had some problems with the machines and couldn't transfer the pictures off it, and would need to do them again. I screamed and screamed, proving my lungs were JUST FINE!
Then the first lady who took my temperature came and told us we were moving to another bed and apologized, saying she put us in a room that no one was watching!
As soon as we got there, a nice nurse named Steve said he would be taking care of us. He was cool, but I know he didn't have any kids! He tried to hand me an open cup full of juice! They tried to put an IV in. I was all wrapped up in a sheet with just my arm sticking out. Mommy was leaning over my head singing to me and kissing me. They stabbed my left arm, and I screamed and cried. Big fat tears! Then they tried the right arm, and kept muttering how it wasn't working. Then they tried the left hand. Steve told mom this would be the last one, because they weren't going to torture me. Mommy was crying and her big tears were dropping on my face, and I was SCREAMING my head off. They got the last one in, but kept saying something about it being positional. They taped my hand to a little splint, and I hated that too. The nurse who helped Steve obviously had kids of her own. She asked mommy if I liked taking medicine, and when she said yes, they brought her a syringe to squirt the pedialyte into my mouth! That was a fun game, and I drank like 100ccs!
Then all the sudden, there was blood squirting everywhere. Mommy yelled for the nurse, and i moved my hand around. The blood was running down my hand and arm, all over my clothes, on my cheek, on mommy, and on the floor and wall! They said the IV had slipped out, but since I was drinking and eating a popscicle, they would skip it for now.
THen they put a bag over my penis (which I like to grab and say PEEE these days). They said the bloodwork all came back normal, so now we just had to wait for urine. And wait we did. This was probably around 7:30. By 8:30, still no pee. 9:00 still no pee. Mommy asked if we could put my hand in hot water, but no one laughed. At 9:30 mommy smelled something aweful. I had diarrhea! And of course mommy didn't have another diaper. And of course, there was pee in the bag, but it was contaminated by the poopoo. So we started again.
At 1:15, the head nurse said they had to cathater me. Mommy got all upset and told her she thought they had tortured me enough, and how did she know they wouldn't botch it all up again. They reassured her it would be quick, and they wouldn't let us go home until they were sure my urine was clear of infection. So once again, mommy cried while she tried to comfort me and sing to me while some nurses tortured me.
At midnight a doctor came in and told us everything looked clear, so it was probably just a virus, and all we could do was go home and treat the fever. They took my temperature to discharge me and it was only 97.1, so that was good!
We went home and slept. I was ok all day sunday and monday, just occasional low fevers. It was 102 degrees on monday afternoon, and I was climbing the walls, so mommy took me to the park with the sprinklers, and then the pool. Of course, she forgot the camera, sorry Grammy and Nana!
But at the pool, she noticed I had a little rash on my cheeks, forehead and chest. We came home and looked it up on the internet, and mommy thinks I have Roseola.
Here are some pictures of my rash - you decide!

And just to prove that I do occasionally wear clothes, here is a picture of me eating - yogurt for desert after delicious spaghetti! This was on the camera card from who knows when. Next we'll work on proving that I actually get out of my high chair!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Talking Thursday

Hi everyone.

Mommy is a slacker.  She's too busy working 9 hours a day nannying, then coming home and doing everything around the house too.  But she's slacking on my blog!

I'm going to make her bring the camera so you can all see how cute I look when I sit in the wagon with my new friends Connor and Caleb (22 month old twin boys!).

But for today, we're going to talk about talking.

Here are the words I say:
Mama (also Maaaaaaa! in the most pitiful drawn out whining manner when I can't find her)
Ball (but actually I say Bah!)
Car (but actually I say Cah!)
WAWA for water
Juice for juice
Bath (sounds more like Bat)
boo for nursing

I guess my boston accent is showing, as I like to leave off the end of words!

I'll crack the whip on mommy and make her get some picture soon!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lazy Saturday Morning

Uncle Scott cooked us some breakfast this morning. He's not really as scary as he looks!

I had to have an appetizer of yogurt while I waited for his masterpiece..

My compliments to the chief, it's delicious!

After breakfast, I decided to cook some stuff up on the new kitchen mommy found at a yardsale for 10 dollars!
Mommy told me she wanted strawberries, so I got some off of the shelf...

and washed them in the sink.

After breakfast, I decided to drive my car around a bit.

As you can see, I really enjoy this toy. Mommy got it for only one dollar!

Here you see the result of drinking water while driving. I crashed into the couch.

And just to prove my mother actually dresses me in clothes sometimes...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

We're puking and pooping...

Stomach flu - be back shortly