Thursday, May 8, 2008

Talking Thursday

Hi everyone.

Mommy is a slacker.  She's too busy working 9 hours a day nannying, then coming home and doing everything around the house too.  But she's slacking on my blog!

I'm going to make her bring the camera so you can all see how cute I look when I sit in the wagon with my new friends Connor and Caleb (22 month old twin boys!).

But for today, we're going to talk about talking.

Here are the words I say:
Mama (also Maaaaaaa! in the most pitiful drawn out whining manner when I can't find her)
Ball (but actually I say Bah!)
Car (but actually I say Cah!)
WAWA for water
Juice for juice
Bath (sounds more like Bat)
boo for nursing

I guess my boston accent is showing, as I like to leave off the end of words!

I'll crack the whip on mommy and make her get some picture soon!

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