Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I got to play with new people and toys today!

Mommy got me all dressed up this morning and seemed very nervous. She said we were going to my early intervention interview, and when we dropped daddy off at work today he told me "Say lots of words!"

When we got to the new building, I was very happy because the waiting room was full of kid sized tables and chairs and things to play with! Mommy wouldn't let me have her pen and scribbled all over a bunch of paperwork.

Then a nice lady came out and called my name and we went into a room in the back. I met Miss Amy, who was a speech pathologist, and Ms. Heidi, who was an occupational therapist.

They played lots of silly games with me and wrote notes. I showed them how I scribble on paper with crayons, and really wowed them with how well I can point to all the parts of my body, even my shoulder and knee!

The told mommy that I am spectacular and right on track in every area except speech. They said my speech is at a 12 month level. This is delayed, but not delayed enough that someone will come out and play with me!

They told mommy I need to work on the following things:
speaking 20-30 words
getting more interested in singing along with music and nursery rhymes
following 2 part commands like "get the shoe and bring it to mommy"

They told mommy about a bunch of tricks to get me to talk more. She has to sing to me and do nursery rhymes with me more. She also has to put my toys up in clear plastic buckets so I can see them, but have to ASK for them! They told her she's probably just too good at anticipating my needs!

I think she's relieved that I'm not that far behind and is very thankful for all the tips they gave her.

I'm going to go take a nap now... mommy says I have a dentist appointment on Friday! I wonder what that is!?

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