Friday, April 4, 2008

Sad sad day at the dentist

Mommy can't stop crying.

She took me to a fun place this afternoon with me-sized chairs and a rocking horse in the waiting room. She filled out tons of forms, and then we went back to a room with a funny chair and a TV in the ceiling!

She held me on her lap, and laid be back so a nice woman with a mask on could look in my mouth.

Then she told mommy "Severe Decay - he will need immediate treatment." I'm going to let her explain it.

:( :( So, Brady has ECC or early childhood carries. His four top front teeth are all showing significant signs of decay- the top right corner incisor is down to the pulp and we need to take super care and get it treated very soon or they may have to extract it.

I can't stop crying.

My poor little bubbah. They told me I have two options:

1. General Anesthesia at a hospital, 4 crowns. One of the teeth may not have enough to crown, and may need extraction anyway. This option is ~$4000.

2. No Anesthesia at the dentist's office. This would involve nitrous, me holding him down while he screams and squirms, them extracting a tooth, and "patching" the 3 others. This would be around $1000.

I don't know about anyone else, but I only see one option here.

I can't stop crying. :( Brady on the other hand, is just fine. :)

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