Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pictures of My Room

Mommy and Daddy made a very nice room for me. Mommy put stickers up on the wall to make it look comfy, and its my favorite because all of my toys are there!
This is the book corner and two of my little people toys.
Random Toys, and my new Blues Clues Tunnel and Ball Pit!
I'm just doing some clean up - vaccuming. See my bed?
All my balls go in Blue.
Of course, I don't really sleep here...

I LOVE this ball pit and tunnel!
The afternoon sun is pretty bright in here, Wish I had my shades.
You know, Mommy does put me in clothes, sometimes! But I LOVE to take them off!@
These are my jungle animals from next to the window. I point at them and growl. They ALL growl!
And here are my ocean animals.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your mini-tour of my room. I'm off to eat some dinner.

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